This section will guide you to migrate your website from one domain to another one.

To migrate the website from A domain to B domain, (1) first of all you should prepare a migration package from A, (2) then setup a new WordPress installation on B and (3) finally import the captured migration package into B.

Click on the blue Migrate button to prepare a migration package on A

Select the Full backup option if you want to fully migrate your website, then click on the Backup button to start packaging the website

As the backup process is completed, click on the Download button

Select the Backup menu item from the dropdown to download your migration package

As you've setup a new WordPress installation on B, install the BackupGuard Pro plugin there and click on the Import button to import the package into B you've captured from A

Choose the Local PC option and press the Next button

Press the Browse button

Choose the archive you want to upload and press Choose button

Press the Import button and wait to complete the upload procedure

A new row will appear in the dashboard for that specific backup you just imported. Simply click on the green Restore button to deploy your package on B

If your Home page is working, but all other pages throw 404 error after migration, then go to your WordPress->Settings->Permalinks section and press Save Changes button twice to update permalinks. Do not forget to press the Save Changes button two times, that's important!
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