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How to Use the Monitoring on Your Website via the WordPress BackupGuard Security Plugin

One of the main features of Security plugin is Monitoring. There are two options to monitor the website with the WordPress BackupGuard Security plugin: Bandwidth Monitoring and Traffic Monitoring.

The Bandwidth one allows to monitor your network to determine how much bandwidth your resources are using. To enable the Bandwidth Monitoring, press the On switch.

After switching the Bandwidth Monitoring, you will see the downloaded files, how many times they were downloaded and the sizes.

You can Reset the monitoring or Refresh to see the updated results.

The Traffic one, on the other hand, allows to track visitors to your site and monitor in real time what they do when they get there. To enable the Traffic Monitoring, press the On switch.

After enabling the Traffic Monitoring you can see the number of Online and Total Visitors, their IP-s, the Agent (browser and OS), the Visited URL, Visit Time and the number of Visits.

You can Clear History of the Traffic Monitoring.

Updated on: 30/06/2021

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