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How to Upload the Backup to Amazon S3

This tutorial will show the steps of uploading the backup to Amazon S3.

Make sure to have the Amazon S3 account connected to your BackupGuard account from the Cloud settings. Check this article for more info.

Please, follow the steps below to upload the backup to Amazon S3:

Click on the Backup button.

Specify entries to backup and check the Upload to Amazon S3 option. Then click on the Backup button to start a backup process.

You may need to change the Upload to Cloud Chunk Size value from the plugin settings and increase it from 4 so the upload the Amazon S3 is successful. Amazon S3 doesn't allow uploads less than 5 MB and our default value is 4.

If the status is anything other than Success and you need more info, you can download the backup log this way and send it to our support team. We will troubleshoot the issue for you.

Updated on: 28/06/2022

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