It is possible to keep the backup(s) at the cloud storage of your choice. The BackupGuard WordPress plugin gives the possibility of backing up to the following cloud storages: Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, FTP.
Of course, it is possible to restore a backup from the cloud storage of your choice using our plugin.

Make sure to have the cloud storage connected to your BackupGuard account from the Cloud section.

To restore a backup from a cloud storage, please, follow the steps below.

Click Import from the plugin dashboard.

Choose the cloud storage and click Next. We took the Google Drive as an example.

Choose the backup you wish and click Import.

Then wait for the backup to be imported.

You can restore the backup you just imported. Click on the Restore button, choose the type you wish and complete it.

For more info on Restore, we suggest checking this article.

If the status is anything other than Success and you need more info, you can download the restore log this way and send it to our support team. We will troubleshoot the issue for you.
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