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How to Install The WordPress BackupGuard Security Plugin

This article will include steps on installing the BackupGuard Security WordPress plugin.

From the Products section of your BackupGuard account click "Download" next to the Security plugin and choose the Plugin.

The account we used has access to the Platinum version but the same steps apply for other plans.

Once the plugin is downloaded, navigate to Plugins section of your WordPress Dashboard and press the Add New button.

Press Upload Plugin button to upload BackupGuard Pro package.

Press Choose File to browse the package you've downloaded after the payment from your BackupGuard account and choose the previously downloaded plugin file.

Then press Install Now button and wait to complete the installation.

Press Activate button to get the plugin activated.

When the plugin is activated, all there is left to do is choosing the BackupGuard Security plugin from the sidebar and logging in with the same credentials used for your BackupGuard account.

Updated on: 15/06/2021

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