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How to Extract the Backup File (.SGBP)

In this article, we are going to learn how to extract the backup files using the SGBP extractor.

The SGBP extractor helps keep the website files separately and also to identify whether the backup file is damaged or not.

To use the SGBP extracor you need to download and install it on your Device from here:
Currently it is available for Mac and Windows OS.

Please, note, that you can extract only the files with our proprietary .sgbp format.

As soon as the extractor is installed, the following steps should be taken:
Open the extractor and click on the Browse button of the Archive path to be able to select the file by choosing the respective archive you wish to extract:

After, press the Browse button of the Destination path to specify the destination where you want to keep the extracted file:

Select the Destination path and click on the OK button:

At the end, click on the Extract button and wait for the process to complete:

Once the process completed with the success, you will notice the Completed status:

On another note, if the backup file is damaged, you will get the appropriate notice on that.

To see the extracted file, please, check the Destination path you have specified by clicking on the name of the file. The .sql db file you can find in /the-path-where-you-extracted-you-archive/wp-content/uploads/backup-guard/the-backup-name-you-just-extracted/ directory.

Open the wp-content folder to see the content of the extracted file.

Updated on: 08/07/2021

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