BackupGuard allows you to manually create a new Database source for adding to a custom profile. Either Standard TCP/IP or Standard TCP/IP over SSH tunnels are used to connect to your Database server and backup all the necessary tables which can be selected during custom profile creation and incremental backup. Afterwards, changes can be applied to those selected tables.

This tutorial will lead you through the process.

Please note, that we support MySQL and PostgreSQL.

You might need to whitelist our IP address. Check the article for more details.

In the sidebar select Advanced, press the DB sources and click on the Add a new DB source button.

Enter the required information and click the Save changes button.

Created DB sources can be found under the DB sources from the Advanced section and can be easily edited and deleted. You can also test the connection.

That's it.

Those were the steps to creae a Database source with the Backup Cloud service.
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