You can join our Affiliate program and get profit from it now. To do that, follow the steps below.

Simply go to the "Affiliates Info" section of your BackupGuard account and copy Your Affiliate URL from there.

Then just start sharing your unique link on websites and social networks.

You can assemble your earnings via PayPal once you’ve accumulated a minimum of 50$. To do that, simply enter the PayPal email and click Request Payout.

You can see the Total Earnings and Payouts information in the Affiliates Info section.

You will get a 20% commission for every visitor who signs up as a user in our service and purchases any of the products we offer per your referrals. You will keep on receiving a monthly commission as long as the paying users you had referred go on with their subscriptions of our product(s).

Your commission will be available to you after 30 days of the user’s subscription.
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