If you wish to add a website for further backups via Cloud Service, follow the steps below.

Click Add New Website from the Websites section.

Select the type of connection (FTP, FTP-SSL, SFTP) and enter the required data: Host, Port, Username, Password. Once done, click Connect to continue.

Select the files or the directories you want to back up. Once selected, you can either click on Continue to add a database if you wish to add a database, if not, just select Finalize now.

It is important to select the files you need since that will help you save space and time. Also, if you have other backup files, you can exclude them for the same reason.

If you choose to Continue to add a database select the Connection method and fill the required fields: Type (MySQL, PostegreSQL), the Connection method (Standard TCP/IP or Standard TCP/IP over SSH) Host, Username and Password. Once done, click Connect.

On most of the popular hostings remote connections from all remote IP addresses are blocked by the firewall as a default setting. To be able to perform a backup of your databases our IP address needs to be whitelisted, which basically means that the firewall will stop blocking the connections from our IP address. Our IP address is:

Select a database from the list and Select the tables you want to backup. Once selected, click the Continue button

Enter a title for your website and click on Add website button to finish.

Your website is now added to the list, which you can see by visiting the Websites page on the sidebar.
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