It is possible to add Sub-accounts for both WordPress BackupGuard and Security plugins from within the website. This tutorial will show the steps for that.

Go to Sub-accounts section after logging in to website.

Click Add Sub-account.

Fill in the following fields: Firstname, Lastname, Email. Then tick to choose the permissions of the Sub-account: Download/Link Product and Upgrade/Renew/Stop Product. Once all the data is correct, click "Save Changes".

After this step, an activation email with a temporary password will be sent to the email address you specified. Once they verify the account, they can easily login and access the account you created.

Please note that if the sub-account hasn't accepted the invitation yet, you can resend the invitation email. Besides this, you can always edit the sub-account information (except the email address) and permissions, as well as delete the sub account.

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